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    The sentencing is harsh and swift; after all, such righteous beings cannot stomach the sight of a beast so tarnished, so wretched, as I am. And they cry out. Oh, how they cry out.
   Stained, seraph. You are stained.
    Have I not given all to you, sordid king? What squalid creature drags his lowly, decrepit form to the seat of the god who had forsaken him, begging mercies where archangels would offer only condemnation?
    "It is for our lord to decide your fate."
    Fuck you. I never asked for pardon. Never spoke of mercy. Art thou naught as culpable as I? And they cry out. Oh, how they cry out. But I've stopped listening, become focused upon the pillar of liquid light that once had been my savior, my master. And it, their sordid king, gave nothing to me, but a look of disappointment, as though simply just realizing the weight I bore to it, the value I might have at one time possessed, now lost; my name is blotted out of its book. I have doubts it was there to begin with. The holy ranks, blinded and cursing, would see me crucified, delighting in the torment of one they once called brother, teacher, friend. They gouged out their eyes, refusing to cast their gazes upon sin any longer, at the commandment of their decaying, greying creator.
    The rotten god did only lift a hand, and the darkness arrived from the far side of the sun. To swallow me. Tendrils emerged from the black spot, the sole blemish upon the kingdom of heaven, snaking out to take me, their sacrilege, somewhere deep, deep beneath the hallowed city. It was sudden-- a simple flash of brilliance. I lie, broken, stripped of my feathers and dignity, somewhere cold, baring my teeth in spite of my splintered bones. I lie, strewn upon the basalt tiles, somewhere locked away in bedtime stories to scare small children into good behavior.
    And he called to me. "Seraph, I have a task for you." The father of lies spake, of blood, of darker things still. And the multitudes cried out. Oh, how the angels cried out to be saved.
Charon, I still keep the constellations in jars. You will not take me across the Acheron, so I wait on the river bank, trying to steal pennies from other passengers. I hear them clinking in your hull, ferryman, forgotten and oxidized. You call me by my name, even now.
"Persephone is dead, and her king never heard you crying out as I have."
I sang a hymn for you, Charon, but you only smiled and turned away.

Charon, have you met the slighted king? When he called, I answered, but his memory was just as rotten as mine. I had loved him with my own shadow, once. Ferryman, have you ever been in love?
"Stay on the shore. There are those who would see you swallowed whole. Little one, stay on the shore."
No one told them they couldn't swim to Tartarus. Sometimes, I believe I knew them better before you refused my paper stars.

Charon, am I drowning again? Or has there always been saltwater here? They never said anything.
"The inbetween is purging itself of you."
No one's joined us in some time-- I hear them rapping on your hull, clawing for your old coins. Will I die here on the river bank, watching all others gain passage from you with pocket change and fearful smiles?
"Go back to sleep."
But I cannot dream any more than you can, ferryman.

Charon, they are hurting me. You tossed a noose to pull me out, but only snared half of me. We watched them devour what remained, their gaping mouths and skeletal fingers remembering nothing of humanity or kindness. They seemed pleased with my bones. It is so dark here, where has the sky gone? Have even the stars left us? I sang a hymn for you, Charon, but you only smiled and turned away.
For the Boatman
"The fee for his service was a single obolos coin which was placed in the mouth of a corpse at burial. Those who had not received due burial and were unable to pay his fee, would be left to wander the earthly side of the Akheron, haunting the upper world as ghosts."


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